AMEIFU Humidifier Review — Is It Worth It?

AMEIFU Humidifier Review — Is It Worth It?

It is not uncommon for the air to turn dry during the colder seasons. Unfortunately, dry air means dry skin, more allergies, and unhappy plants.

However, humidifiers such as the AMEIFU, can help solve this problem by humidifying the air so that you and your plants can live happily ever after!

About the Item

Some notable features of the AMEIFU Humidifier are:

  • Top-Filling Design—Allows for quick and convenient refilling without having to disassemble the humidifier.
  • Large Capacity Tank—Holds almost two gallons of water which is equal to 54 hours of run time.
  • Auto Shut Off—Will automatically shut off when it runs out of water to avoid any damage.
  • Three Mist Modes—Comes with three mist modes ranging from high output to low output.

The AMEIFU can run for a whole 54 hours without needing a break. It is also not very loud, coming in at only 35DB. It has a range of 538 square feet which makes it ideal for bedroom or nursery use.

Another great feature is its convenient and simple interface which features four buttons that control the humidifier and are located on the “head” of the device for ease of access.

AMEIFU Humidifier Review — Is It Worth It?


The AMEIFU costs around $100, which puts it on the higher end of humidifiers. Considering that most humidifiers are very simply designed and less self-sufficient, it is no wonder that the AMEIFU is more expensive.

Pros and Cons

One of the biggest pros of this humidifier is that it is easy to use and relatively self-sufficient. Unlike other humidifiers that lack automatic functions, the AMEIFU comes with multiple modes and will automatically shut off when it runs out of water.

As a con, it is expensive for a humidifier. There are many less expensive options out there that can still produce great results; however, they are less convenient and can be a hassle when it comes to refilling the humidifier with water.

What Others Are Saying

The VEWIOR is rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and has only around 5 ratings. One reviewer gave it five stars and said:

“So far, this humidifier has been very useful. It’s quiet and provides the perfect mist. It doesn’t leak or mess up. I am battling a severe cough and cold as I write this review and this humidifier has helped me with my stuffy nose and cough. The air in my bedroom feels moist and comfortable and makes me sleep better…”

AMEIFU Humidifier Review — Is It Worth It?

On a more negative note, one reviewer mentioned that his humidifier was malfunctioning. He explained:

“I bought 2 received them and they didn’t work so I replaced them with two more that worked great until it was time to refil [sic] one of them…”

Final Verdict

Considering that the AMEIFU is user-friendly and has multiple automated features, this humidifier is a great option for those looking for a convenient and hassle-free humidifier. However, it is not a great budget option for those looking for one a bit more affordable.

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