Are Tervis Cups Microwave Safe? Yes

Tervis Drinkware is made of a new-generation polymer and is BPA-free. Drinkers have the option to keep beverages at a comfortable temperature with these sturdy air-insulated cups.  Additionally, nearly all Tervis products can be microwaved for under thirty seconds unless marked otherwise or have decorative metal. Read this article and you can learn more about Tervis cups.

What Is Tervis?

Tumblers, water bottles, and other items are among Tervis’ products. The majority of their products are polymer-based and BPA-free. In addition, the cups and bottles are strong, insulating, and great at preserving the temperature of a beverage. The dishwasher is known to be safe for Tervis products.

Can You Microwave Tervis?

The microwave is without a doubt one of the most widely used appliances in many kitchens. It is a great way to reheat leftovers. In order to ensure your safety and that you won’t break the item soon after buying it, you must ascertain whether your Tervis tumblers are microwave-safe.

Tervis can be microwaved, yes. Being able to quickly heat the beverage in your tumbler is a good thing. The microwave is your best friend when it comes to heating, whether it’s coffee or tea, among other things.

There are, however, a few key recommendations that you must follow, as the manufacturer notes. For instance, microwave it for no longer than 30 seconds. Tervis will be subjected to heat that is too high for the material to handle if it is microwaved for longer than 30 seconds.

It’s also important to remember that some rules have exceptions. For instance, make sure the Tervis is entirely made of plastic before putting it in the microwave.

The lid must typically be removed, especially if it has metal components. Additionally, don’t microwave a full tumbler.

Are Tervis Cups Microwave Safe

There are also Tervis products made of stainless steel. In the latter case, make sure it is never microwaved.

To be certain of what you are doing at all times, it would be best to read Tervis’ instructions. Pay close attention to and always abide by the safety precautions outlined in the microwave’s manufacturer’s instructions.

It’s helpful to know that the tumblers can be put in the dishwasher in addition to the microwave. As a result, maintaining and cleaning the cups is a breeze. Making sure you can use them in the future is simple.

Additionally, it is BPA-free. Plastic-using products frequently contain the toxic chemical BPA. Because food-grade materials were used in the construction of the Tervis tumblers, you can rest assured that they pose no risks to your health.

What Occurs If Tervis Is Microwaved?

You would have noticed the extensive selection of beverage containers Tervis has to offer; the hugely popular customizable water bottles are an offer not to be missed. The Tervis is made of plastic.

The Tervis cup’s food molecules absorb the microwaves that the microwave oven emits. When these molecules collide and gain energy, they begin to vibrate. Heat is generated as a result.

The Tervis cups and bowls are completely safe to heat your beverages in the microwave because they are microwave-safe and do not trap microwaves.

However, they are only a crude form of plastic, and if heated for a very long time, they could release chemicals that are estrogenic. The use of plastic in the oven has been studied because it may release potentially harmful estrogenic chemicals.

Things To Know Before Microwaving Tervis

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind before you heat your coffee in the Tervis cup:

Check The Warning Label

If the Tervis is microwaveable or not is indicated on the label at the bottom of the container. If it cannot be microwaved, a warning sign is present. Before heating your coffee in the oven, pay attention to the label.

Make Sure That It Is Pure Plastic

Some of the drinkware has metal linings on the lids, making microwave use dangerous. Avoid placing the container in the oven in this scenario. To heat the coffee, utilize a plastic container that is microwave-safe.

Remove The Lid While Heating

Make sure to take the lid off the Tervis cup whenever you heat the contents. You can now enjoy a hot cup of coffee thanks to this, which helps the Tervis’ contents absorb heat more quickly.

Make Sure That The Liquid Is Filled In It

Assure that the Tervis is completely filled with liquid before microwaving it. The Tervis should not be heated in the oven unless it is completely filled with liquid, as has already been mentioned.

Microwave It For Only Thirty Seconds Or Less

The Tervis company advises only microwaving it for thirty seconds or less. So, while heating it, try to keep an eye on the timer. Keep an eye on how long you microwave it.

Tervis Cup

Are Tervis Tumblers BPA-Free?

In Tervis Tumblers, the new generation polymer has no BPA. Your Tervis Tumbler might contain BPA if it was manufactured before 2011.​ According to their website, Tervis Drinkware began switching their production line to a new generation polymer in 2009. In 2011, this conversion was finished.

Bisphenol A is known as BPA, according to Dr. Brent Bauer of the Mayo Clinic. Some polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins both use it. BPA could raise blood pressure in adults.

Brain development, behavioral issues, and the prostate glands can all be impacted by BPA exposure in children.

Reduce your consumption of canned foods if you want to avoid consuming BPA because the can’s lining may be sealed with a BPA resin. Although they are readily available, not all BPA-free plastics are marked.

Check the recycle code on your plastic container if you are unsure of its status. You could be exposed to BPA if the code is 3 or 7.

Before microwaving, move your food into a glass container to completely eliminate the worry. Drink from stainless steel, porcelain, or glass Mason jars when sipping hot liquids.

Tervis Warranty

Tervis Drinkware has a comprehensive warranty. Because of their Made for Life Guarantee, Tervis will replace your cup if it develops a logo failure, cracks from heat, or separates or develops a film between the walls.​

It’s important to avoid stacking your Tervis cups when handling them because they may become stuck.

Many users who have encountered this issue have found success in freezing them to release them from their stuck state. The cups may break and separate if they are stacked, leading to chipped top edges.

Taking Care Of Your Tervis Drinkware

It is still necessary to clean and maintain your tumblers even with the manufacturer’s “Made for Life Guarantee,” which is provided. For the best condition possible, proper handling and storage are required.

Avoiding stacking the cups on top of one another is among the most crucial things. This is especially true if you plan to keep them stored for an extended period of time. You’ll find it challenging to take away the cup atop the other. Freezing is among the best options if this ever occurs.

When removing the sticker or label from a brand-new product, soapy water should be used. It will become softer and easier to peel as a result, without leaving behind any sticky residue. When peeling it off, avoid using sharp objects as they may scratch the surface.

Even though it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, you should still follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.

For example, you ought to only set it on the top rack. Before washing the dishes, the gasket should also be taken out. To learn how to take it out and put it back in, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

When cleaning the tumbler, use only mild soap, and make sure to give it a thorough rinse, especially if washing by hand. Your drink’s flavor will be negatively impacted if the soap is too strong or if there are residues.

Concerns About Plastic In The Microwave

Hard, clear plastic was “plasticized” with BPA to make it more resilient and less prone to cracking.

Although BPA was taken out of many plastics, BPS, or bisphenol S, was added in its place. Deborah Kurrasch, a scientist who is currently researching BPS, observes that 95% of plastics release estrogenic chemicals when microwaved.

The Huffington Post food writer Alison Spiegel notes that “microwave-safe” does not necessarily mean “BPA-free,” and that there are other risks associated with microwaving plastic.​


The Tervis cups take up very little time and are simple to microwave. You can microwave the Tervis Cup for no longer than 30 seconds. Tervis products made of stainless steel shouldn’t ever be microwaved. Remove the metal portion of the lid as well. Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s detailed instructions. 

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