Can Just Egg Be Used In Baking? Yes!

Can Just Egg Be Used In Baking

When baking, making substitutions is always a difficult and nerve-racking process. For frying, sautéing, and making omelets, Just Egg is an excellent egg substitute. But is Just Egg suitable for baking? Yes. This replacement is, in essence, nearly faultless. You can learn more about Just Egg by reading this article.

What Is Just Egg

A company called Eat Just introduced Just Egg in July 2017 as essentially a plant-based product. The original plan was to use it as a vegan alternative to eggs in dishes like scrambled eggs and other breakfast eggs.

This plant-based product is made from mung bean protein as well as additional stabilizing and flavoring components.

Finding plant products that have similar proteins to those found in eggs is the guiding principle of Eat Just, the company that founded it. In this manner, a replacement that performs similarly to regular eggs can be made.

They look for ingredients that, for instance, make eggs function as binding or emulsifying ingredients. They then use those plant proteins to make a replacement.

Then, let’s examine the finished item. As mentioned earlier, Just Egg is a mung bean-based egg substitute.

It is marketed as liquid and is in fact more popular than actual liquid eggs. Also available in frozen form, which obviously lasts a lot longer, is this product.

Nutrition Of Just Egg VS. Regular Eggs

Despite the stark differences between these two products’ nutritional profiles, they are surprisingly similar.

Many, however, contend that the creators intended it to be this way because they wanted a genuine vegan alternative that closely resembled real eggs.

70 calories and 5 grams of fat are present in both an egg and ¼ cup Just Egg, the equivalent of a large egg. The amount of cholesterol and saturated fat in Just Eggs is actually zero grams, though!

It does, regrettably, also contain less protein—only about a gram.

Can Just Egg Be Used In Baking

What Is Just Egg Made From

You might be surprised to learn that water and mung beans make up the majority of Just Egg’s ingredients! Mung beans are a good alternative to eggs in baking because of their mild flavor and, more importantly, because they have the binding properties that so few other ingredients can.

Since baking without eggs frequently yields crumbly desserts, you are probably already aware of this if you have tried other vegan baking techniques.

When cooked, eggs’ stickiness and beautiful binding bring the components of so many of our favorite treats together. Baking is much more difficult to do without them.

Fortunately, Just Egg offers a solution because it will bind all of the ingredients together, just like actual eggs do, and it has the stickiness that eggs provide. If you try it by itself, it is also creamy and has a pleasant texture.

Can You Use Just Egg For Baking

Simply Egg is a very adaptable ingredient that works well for all kinds of egg substitutes, including in baking. It accomplishes all the key tasks that eggs carry out in your recipes, adding structure and fat, which are eggs’ two main functions when you’re baking.

When it comes to making vegan food, eggs are frequently one of the hardest ingredients to replace.

There aren’t really any other foods that are comparable to eggs, and while you can occasionally substitute a different product, it’s rarely easy, and most substitutions are recipe-specific rather than working in every recipe.

For instance, you can use apple sauce as an egg substitute, but you wouldn’t use it in many baked goods because it only works in a select few.

Because it works almost always and isn’t overly reliant on your recipe, Just Egg has become very popular. If you want to reduce or eliminate eggs from your diet and make your kitchen more environmentally friendly, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Pros And Cons Of Using Just Egg


  • Just Egg is very affordable and incredibly simple to use. It can be used in any recipe in the same way that whole or liquid eggs are.
  • Just Egg is a wholly plant-based product made exclusively of mung beans and other plant-based ingredients. You can also stop worrying about egg allergies and intolerances as a result of this.
  • This egg substitute can be used as a binding agent, an emulsifier, or even as a simple stabilizing agent.
  • No matter how they are used in recipes, the eggs will have the exact same consistency and texture as regular eggs.
  • Unlike many substitutes, Just Eggs don’t have any peculiar flavors. In baked goods, you most likely won’t even notice their flavor.
  • Naturally, this product will lack some of the nutrients that eggs do. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t healthy! Saturated fat and sodium levels in these eggs are still quite low. Naturally, a significant portion of the protein is plant-based, which is often touted as being healthier.


  • Sadly, egg whites and yolks cannot be replaced with Just Eggs. particularly not if egg whites are to be beaten.
  • You cannot whip these eggs to create aerated egg whites. In order to bake, you would therefore need to substitute another egg white. Liquid aquafaba is effective.
  • Even though it is not as difficult to locate as regular eggs, this substitute is still fairly common. Additionally, it is not accessible everywhere. There is no doubt that you can find this product in Asia, Europe, and America. However, not every store or even every town will carry it.

How Much Just Egg Do You Need

You might initially find the measurements challenging because Just Egg isn’t protected by a shell. Use roughly 3 tablespoons of Just Egg for each egg you are replacing. Use approximately ¼ cup of Just Egg if you only require one egg. Use ½ a cup for two eggs.

If you use Just Egg frequently, you will probably find that you gradually improve your recipes as you develop an understanding of the precise amount of egg required.

One of the great things about this product is that you can slightly alter how much “egg” you use. With real eggs, it’s challenging to accomplish this!

As a result of the more consistent use of “egg,” you might also discover that your recipes produce results that are more consistent.

Since real eggs come in a wide range of sizes, using them will at least somewhat change how the baking will turn out. Just Egg is a desirable option because it gives you more control.

Interestingly, Just Egg has zero cholesterol and is comparable in protein content to chicken eggs. If you intend to use it, keep in mind that it also lacks the vitamins that you would find in actual eggs.

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