Does A DUI Ruin Your Life? No, It Affects Your Life

does a dui ruin your life

Many people commit DUI, a criminal offense, without realizing the gravity of their actions or the potential repercussions. Your life will not be ruined by a DUI or DWI. A DWI/DUI conviction, however, might have a negative impact on your ability to get a job, your ability to get cheap car insurance, and your ability to maintain professional connections. For more information about DUI, read this article.

How A DUI Conviction Impacts Your Life

If you are found guilty of driving under the influence, you could be subject to both formal and informal penalties. It is essential that you are ready for all possible repercussions of a DUI conviction. Here are five ways that getting convicted could make your life worse.

Your Driver’s License

The (temporary) loss of your driving privileges is the first and most obvious consequence of a DUI charge. The majority of states support an administrative suspension by virtue of a DUI arrest.

You can take action to halt this procedure or acquire a temporary hardship license with the aid of an attorney. You might lose your license for a very long time if you are found guilty of a DUI.  

Your Finances

The cost of a DUI conviction is the biggest disaster. DUIs are notoriously expensive. The following are some expenses you might incur:

  • The actual fine. Even a first-time DUI offense carries a maximum $1,000 fine. Only upwards from there.
  • Penalty assessments. These are unofficial fees that are claimed to be court costs and other state fees. They range from roughly $1,000 to $2,600 for a first-time DUI. Once more, they could be much higher.
  • Mandatory DUI school. A DUI school course or alcohol treatment program will be required of you, and you will be required to pay for it out of pocket. These range in price from $500 to several thousand dollars and last anywhere from three to thirty months.
  • Car costs. It’s possible that your car will be impounded; if so, you’ll be charged for each day it stays there. You will also be charged if you need to install an interlock device.
  • License costs. When you are finally permitted to, you will be charged fees for reinstating your driver’s license.
  • Insurance. Your auto insurance rates will go up if you have a DUI on your record, and you’ll have to pay for a special Form SR-22.

Even the least expensive DUI will set you back several thousand dollars. Many DUIs are more expensive than brand-new cars. Ironically, cost concerns frequently prevent people from hiring attorneys, but a few hours of your attorney’s time could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Your Time To Address Your DUI

A DUI arrest can be very time-consuming to handle. If you are found guilty of the crime, it will take even longer.

You may be required to complete community service or enroll in a drunk driving education course if you are found guilty, in addition to the time you invested in getting arrested, finding a qualified DUI defense attorney, and participating in the administrative and criminal processes. 

does a dui ruin your life


If found guilty of drunk driving, you could go to jail. Your prior DUI offense history, or lack thereof, is one of several factors that will determine how much time you spend in jail (or prison, for more serious DUI offenses). DUI convictions occasionally may not lead to incarceration but rather to SCRAM bracelets or driving restrictions.  


The DUI remains on your record even after you’ve completed your sentence. You will be required to disclose your criminal history each time you apply for a job. A background check will often be used by employers to confirm this.

Driving while intoxicated is frequently viewed as a liability. As a result, it will influence how “hirable” you are.

The best way to preserve your reputation and career is to hire an attorney to fight for your acquittal or charge reduction.

Your Reputation

Even if you are only charged with DUI, how your friends, family, and coworkers view you may change, but getting convicted may have a bigger negative effect on your reputation. Your ability to obtain a job, a loan, or even an apartment may be hampered if you don’t have any criminal history.

Doing everything in your power to avoid a DUI conviction should be your top priority whenever it is practical. 

What Countries Can’t You Go To With A DUI

It may be essential for you to hire a DUI attorney to guide you through the legal process of fighting your DUI charges if you travel for any reason, especially for work.

If you have a DUI on your record and need to travel abroad for work or a family emergency, it may be difficult to do so even with special permission from some international governments.

Take into account the following nations where many Americans frequently go on business, family, or vacation trips.

  • Australia. Americans appreciate how simple it is to obtain an electronic visa to travel to Australia. However, if you have a DUI on your record, that could be quickly revoked. There must be no convictions, no criminal history, and no close connections to anyone engaged in criminal activity in order to apply for a visa. In some circumstances, they might even prevent you from entering the nation ever again.
  • Canada. Driving while intoxicated is not something that our northern neighbors take lightly. Actually, it’s a felony there because of the crime. For at least five years, Canadian entry is prohibited for Americans who have been found guilty of DUI. You must still apply for criminal rehabilitation before going there, or you’ll have to pay a $200 fine. Canadian immigration policy considers Americans to have been “rehabilitated by the time” if they have a clean driving record for ten years.
  • Malaysia, Japan, and China. Many Americans either travel there for work or have family there. Since they conduct thorough background checks on everyone entering the country, you will probably need to apply for a travel waiver if you need to travel to one of these locations but have a DUI.
  • Mexico. Anyone who has been convicted of a DUI within the last ten years will typically be denied entry to Mexico, just like Canada. According to them, the crime qualifies as an indictable offense, which is essentially the same as a felony.

Final Words

The equivalent of letting a DUI disrupt, if not ruin, your life is doing nothing and hoping for the best. Take action and regain control over your DUI. Get legal representation if you don’t want a DUI to ruin your life.

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