How Often Should I Do Laundry? General Guidelines for Laundry Frequency

How Often Should I Do Laundry? General Guidelines for Laundry Frequency

Check out the information in the guide below if you’re unsure how frequently you should wash your clothes, towels, and bed linens.

Do you put those recently washed jeans in the hamper after wearing them for one day? Jeans, like most clothing, don’t require washing after every use, so you don’t have to.

Depending on what you’re washing, you should do laundry occasionally. Underwear, socks, and bras, which are worn next to the skin, should be washed frequently, whereas other types of clothing can be worn several times before washing.

Find out more about how frequently to wash clothes by reading on.

How Often Should I Do Laundry?

Everything depends on how you plan to wear the item, the fabric, and even the season.

To keep your clothes looking clean and new, you should wash them frequently. But occasionally you might just be running errands and not want to grab a fresh pair of jeans. Consequently, you wore one that had already been worn. Don’t worry, you can wear a piece of clothing that you’ve worn a few times without washing it.

Some clothing can be worn a few times before waiting a while to add them to the laundry load. As a result of the potential shrinking and color fading, doing a machine wash less frequently may actually increase the longevity of your clothing.

As an alternative to doing laundry sporadically throughout the week, you can decide to wash in full loads. The next time you do laundry, try to put this advice to use. You’ll be able to save time and effort.

How Often Should I Do Laundry? General Guidelines for Laundry Frequency

General Guidelines for Laundry Frequency

Here are some general guidelines you might want to adopt:

  • Once worn, wash your underwear. It is necessary to clean clothing more frequently if it comes into direct contact with your skin frequently. These include boxer shorts, socks, undershirts, underpants, and bras.
  • After two to four wearings, you might want to wash your regular clothes. Shorts, pants, shirts, and dresses shouldn’t require excessively frequent washing. The only exceptions are if you perspire a lot or the clothing is obviously filthy after a full day of use.
  • once a week, wash the towels. You shouldn’t wash towels every day even though they come into direct contact with your skin and are worn for only brief periods of time on your body.
  • Every week, wash the pillowcases and sheets you are using. But if you don’t use them every day, you can hold off until two weeks. If your pet sleeps in your bed, washing your linens every three to four days is ideal.
  • One to three times per year, you should wash your blankets, duvet covers, and comforters. If you use washable pillows, you can put off washing them until four to six months after purchasing them.
  • As soon as they get dirty, wash the other linens in the house. This category includes aprons, tablecloths, hand towels, and curtains.
  • If you have pets, you should at least clean the blankets and other bedding materials every two weeks. It’s typically best to take your pet’s behavior into account when determining how frequently to do the laundry.

Depending on How You Wear Them

You should generally wash your clothes after each use, as a general rule. Clothing that is worn all day and clings close to the skin should be washed frequently. It consists of sportswear, workout clothing, and undergarments like briefs, boxers, and socks.

How Often Should I Do Laundry? General Guidelines for Laundry Frequency

It is obvious that after use, these items of clothing should be thrown in with the rest of the laundry. All of the clods stick to them as well because they are worn and rubbed against the skin.

It comes on top of all the grime and sweat that workout clothes encounter. A word of advice: keep sweaty clothes separate from the rest of the laundry. If you can’t wash them right away, it’s best to hang them to dry first.

This rule does not apply to bras. Elastic and delicate fabrics are used in these undergarments. After using them three to four times, you can skip the washing step. It’s also best to hand wash bras and only wash them occasionally. Bras may tangle while being washed in a machine.

After one use, whites and silks should be washed. These items are vulnerable to sweat stains changing their color. If you don’t want to wear yellow-colored clothing, don’t reuse your white clothes and silks.

Depending on the Fabric Type

The journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology recently published a study that found polyester fabrics stink more than other fabrics. Synthetic fabrics are a favorable environment for a few bacteria that give off a foul smell. The best course of action is to wash polyester clothing after just one use.

Conversely, you can wear heavy fabrics repeatedly, like your favorite pair of jeans. After four to five wears, you should wash your jeans. After a few washes, raw denim’s color may fade. To prevent discoloration, it is, therefore, best to wash jeans in cold water.

Depending on the Weather

How Often Should I Do Laundry? General Guidelines for Laundry Frequency

You can avoid wearing outerwear altogether on a few occasions if a chilly wind is blowing. They consist of vests, blazers, fleece jackets, and jackets. You must treat stained clothing even between washes, so keep that in mind. During the cooler months, you can up to four times in your pajamas.

How Many Loads of Laundry Does the Average Person Do a Month?

A typical person does 8 to 20 loads of laundry per month. This number of loads decreases to two to five per week. Nevertheless, it will depend on the washing procedure, the person’s schedule, the volume of the load, and, of course, their level of hygiene.

The load size you can select—large, medium, or small—depends on the kind of washing machine you have.

It’s not a good idea to overload your machine in an effort to finish your laundry quickly. If you are pushing clothes down into your washer, you are overloading it.

Conclusion: How Often Should I Do Laundry?

Whether you’re single or part of a family with children and pets will determine how frequently you do laundry. It’s best to wash your underwear every day, but once a week is acceptable.

The tips mentioned above are fantastic for the environment and your clothing. As a result, you wash your clothes less frequently in the washing machine.


Is It Better to Do Laundry Every Day?

Because you’ll only be handling a few items at once, doing your laundry on a regular basis also makes folding, ironing, and hanging easier. If you have kids who keep changing clothes frequently, everyday laundry is the best option for you since it enables you to keep up with your laundry.

What is a Typical Laundry Load?

  • Medium/regular load: This works out to a load of approximately 6 pounds.
  • Large load: In a HE machine, a large load weighs about 11 pounds.
  • Extra-large load: If you have a HE machine, an extra-large load weighs about 21 pounds when it is fully charged.
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