How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Guy? 14 Tips

keep a conversation going with a guy

It’s not as difficult to get to know someone better as some might think. The goal is to keep a conversation, remain engaging, and convey your own interest. People do, after all, like to talk about themselves, especially when it appears that the other person is actually interested in what they have to say. It’s really not that difficult to know how to carry on a conversation with a guy.

Conversations can be challenging, especially if you’re speaking to a guy you like or have a crush on. You feel like you’re missing the chance to spark a relationship because you have no idea how to keep a guy’s interest in you. Please carefully read this article if you want to learn how to keep a conversation with a guy.

Ask Open-ended Questions

The best way to get to know someone better is to ask open-ended questions, which is the most effective way to do so. These questions prevent the other person from responding with a straightforward “yes” or “no.”‘ They must provide more context to the question. Do you enjoy reading?’ and the like.’

These are closed questions because a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers it, and there is no discussion. ‘How would you rate The Great Gatsby?’ is a question that invites the other person to respond and requires them to give a slightly longer answer. Furthermore, it might start a lengthy discussion.

Talk About Something You’re Interested In

It is much simpler to keep talking when you keep the conversation on a topic you are interested in. Even if it seems like the conversation is stalling, you can change the subject to something more amenable and keep it going.

Through piqued interest, this can attract the other person. Up until someone tries out a different topic of conversation to really interests them, a more palatable topic keeps them involved in the current conversation.

Listen To The Silence

Both people may find it unsettling to stand next to each other in complete silence, but if this is allowed to happen, the other person will usually try to fill the void in any way they can. They choose to start talking about something — anything — because they don’t want to awkwardly stand there.

Even after it has begun to wane or the topics seem to have fizzled out, this can cause the conversation to pick back up again. The other person will think of something to restart the conversation. Just wait it out.

Tell Me More

If the other person is speaking already, but the exchange is stalling, use this technique. They will talk more and feel more comfortable on the subject if you ask them if they think the topic is interesting.

Often, someone will stop talking about a subject out of concern for boring those around them. The opposite is true if you ask for more details, which can lead to a genuine interest in something interesting or educational.

Pick Up On Cues

When someone starts speaking, there are many different cues that will emerge in their speech. These could be a tense demeanor or a lilt in their voice. It might tremble or stutter. Discover what they want to discuss by paying attention to these cues.

Ask them about those things, prod them to talk, and then pay close attention to what they have to say. As a result, it will be simpler to strike up a conversation, maintain it, and then find out more about the other person.

Additionally, it demonstrates mastery of reading their cues and suggests that one has already begun to get to know them better.

Ask About Interests

A good way to get to know someone better is to inquire about their hobbies or how they spent their weekend. The details about their interests and modes of recreation are filled in. If there are similarities, it might be a good topic for discussion or it might be a warning that this isn’t the right course of action.

It can, however, start a conversation because it encourages the other person to talk about themselves and their own interests, which they are very familiar with.

Express Yourself

A conversation can also continue by exchanging information. Simply asking a lot of questions becomes tiresome and is likely to make the other person feel like they are being judged or put on trial. After a while, they won’t feel at ease anymore.

They’ll feel more at ease and be more willing to open up and share on other topics or interests where there are commonalities or differences if you provide information and point out similar interests. When things start to feel a little tense, it can help to calm the mood down.

Stay True To Yourself

We occasionally alter our behavior to please a guy we like. However, it never actually succeeds. Be yourself and stay true to who you are.

This is the one piece of advice on how to keep a conversation going with a guy that is probably overused but is fundamentally important. He should like you for who you are, not for the person you’re pretending to be.

Why bother pretending to be someone else when it can be so exhausting? No matter how romantic he may seem, he is not someone for whom it would be worthwhile to put on a front.

keep a conversation going with a guy

You Cannot Be The Only One Talking

It’s difficult to conduct the conversation for the two of you. If he’s terrible at texting, there’s no need for you to carry him just so you can have a conversation; it’s simply not worthwhile. He must participate and give the same amount of time and effort. If not, you’re giving your entire being to someone who doesn’t really care.

Finding someone who is genuinely interested is preferable to converse with someone who makes you feel as though you are speaking to a rock!

Show Off Your Personality

This is your chance to shine when you’re trying to figure out how to carry on a conversation with a guy. It will be simpler to introduce yourself if you are speaking to him face-to-face, which is great. You have the opportunity to showcase your charming personality and sense of humor!

Don’t hide your admirable personality; it’s what keeps a guy interested in talking to you. Make jokes, and profit from memes and GIFs!

If You’re Texting, Don’t Write An Essay

If you’re going to write endless paragraphs of text, you should be aware that he probably won’t read them. Or perhaps he will, but you won’t receive a similarly lengthy response.

Writing a wordy text isn’t necessary to make a good impression on them. Leave the lengthy texts for when you actually meet up; instead, keep your texts brief and to the point.

While keeping them interested in texting you, it introduces the element of mystery.

Move The Conversation To A Real-life Encounter

Really, do you want to text him every day of your life? Your texts should eventually achieve a goal, of course, you don’t. Are you hoping to meet him for a date?

In particular, if you believe he is reluctant to ask you out, it is acceptable to suggest a coffee date. After that, let him take the initiative. Sometimes all a guy needs to move things along is a little prodding. Put yourself in charge by taking control.

keep a conversation going with a guy

Stay Relaxed

Too much rigidity or tension can come across as uneasy. It demonstrates a lack of confidence, which will only make the other person uneasy and less self-assured. After all, you’re going to get a vibe from that body language.

Maintaining calmness, inhaling deeply, and making an effort to project strength and confidence will undoubtedly have a significant impact on how the interaction feels overall. The other person will experience a simultaneous increase in confidence and ease.

Offer Compliments

Giving compliments can be a great way to get people to stay and engage in further conversation because everyone enjoys receiving them. The compliment should be something sweet and not something that sounds creepy or “stalkerish.”

The compliment might be directed at something they are wearing, their hairstyle, their smile, their laugh, or something else that is obvious just by being in the same space as them or approaching them.

A good place to start is by praising someone for their manners or accent. These actions make a person feel good and increase their interest in continuing a conversation because they are already pleased to have met the person.

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