How To Keep Shirt Tucked: 4 Ways

How To Keep Shirt Tucked

You look down as you exit the door and notice a wrinkled, untucked shirt staring back at you. Because of one careless mistake, all that hard work might have been for nothing. So, how to keep your shirt tucked? Examining the foolproof techniques for tucking in a shirt that every man should know. Please keep reading.

How To Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

Dress Shirt Stays

A pair of shirt stays ($18.00; sharp and dapper) serves two purposes. firstly, they help to keep your shirt firmly in place beneath your suit or tuxedo any time the dress code says ‘smart’.

Secondly, they act as an effective method of birth control, should you happen to meet someone at said event.

Yes, these monstrosities should remain firmly at the back of the wardrobe if there is even the slightest chance that your pants could come off in front of anyone besides yourself.

Rubber Grip Tape

If dress shirt stays don’t sound all that appealing, a tailor-favorite tip that could make your life much simpler is the use of rubber grip tape.

To prevent your shirt from coming untucked, wrap these tiny sticky-back rubber strips around the inside of the waistband of your pants.

If you want your shirt to be torn and your waist to get grazed, make sure to choose the purpose-made rubber grip tape and not the skateboard kind when ordering “grip tape” from Amazon.

How To Keep Shirt Tucked

The Mystery Button

It turns out that those tiny buttons you occasionally see hidden inside some pants are functional as well as decorative.

By wrapping the shirt’s material around and behind the buttons on the inside of your pants, you can use them to keep your shirt in place once it is tucked in.

Types Of Shirt Tuck

You can tuck your shirt in a variety of ways, believe it or not. Which of the following techniques is most appropriate will depend on the type of shirt you’re wearing, what you’re wearing it with, and the style you’re going for.

The Loose Tuck

It’s safe to assume that you’ve been tucking your shirt in this way ever since you were old enough to get dressed for school. It’s the simplest method. That is not to say that it is useless though; quite the contrary.

The loose tuck is quick and simple to do; to get it right, tuck the extra fabric at the hem of your shirt into the waistband of your pants, keeping it even all the way around, before fastening your zip and buttons and holding everything in place with your favorite belt.

The Military Tuck

The military and navy are instructed in how to tuck in in this manner. Although various services in various nations have their own methods, the fundamental concepts are universal. In the military, tucking shirts requires first putting on your pants, but leaving them unbuttoned.

Then, as soon as you are finished folding your shirt, you quickly fasten your buttons. The next step is to pinch some of the shirt’s side seams with your thumb and forefinger.

To cover any excess fabric in the sides, fold the seams backward and toward your posterior. You should exert enough force to pull the shirt taut and smoothly across your chest.

Finally, belt your pants and button them to keep the pleats flat against your body.

Getting the folds flat and straight for the military tuck can take some practice. It works best with rigid, smooth fabrics that can firmly hold the crease.

Tucked Trunks

The best ways to tuck in are through this method. Throughout the day, it keeps your shirt tucked in. Additionally, it is the first-ever pair of boxer briefs made specifically to keep your shirt tucked in.

For all-around comfort, the brief is constructed of lightweight materials. It includes two waste bands and a security button that interlocks with your dress shirt to help you at all times without tearing your shirt.

It keeps your shirt neatly tucked in.

Jacket Tuck

One sin is that an oversize shirt can be used to conceal it with a well-fitting jacket. You can use your coat to conceal the size of your shirt if it is quite full and you are wearing it.

To accomplish this, pull the front of the jacket up to conceal the extra clothing at the back under your coat and pull down firmly to tuck your shirt in.

The jacket tuck is as easy as it sounds, and it gives you a smart appearance. You shouldn’t worry about how to manage your buggy shirt any longer because you have the best option.

The Half Tuck

The front of your shirt is tucked into your pants for the half-tuck, as the name implies, and the back is left loose. Even though there are rumors that Ralph Lauren himself “approves” of this look, the rest of us would be wise to steer clear of it.

Unless, of course, you want to appear to be a college rugby player on a team night out.

The Underwear Tuck

Contrary to what the name would imply, the underwear tuck does not entail tucking your shirt into your underwear. When there is an undershirt present, it actually works best to layer the tucks.

When To Tuck A Shirt In

Straight Hem

Your shirt can be worn untucked if the hem is the same length all the way around. It was probably designed to be worn in that manner.

You are effectively given free rein to put it on, button it up, and walk out the door. Though you might be arrested for something like that, remember to put the rest of your clothes on.

Curved Hem

A shirt should typically be worn tucked when it has a curved hem with an extended front and tail. The excess fabric allows for more movement while still staying tucked in, which is why it has that shape.

Although there are many gray areas in between, these are more guidelines than absolute rules.

Shirt Length

A shirt’s length can also influence whether or not it should be tucked in, in addition to the hem’s curve.

Dress shirts typically end a little way down your thigh when you put them on; in that case, they should always be tucked.

If, however, your shirt is coming untucked at the back every time you sit down, it’s probably reasonable to assume that it either shrunk in the wash or is not meant to be tucked in at all.

The same applies if you are being stopped on the street and asked where you got your dress.

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