How To Know If A Sagittarius Man Is Playing You? 18 Signs

how to know if sagittarius man is playing you

The men of Sagittarius are truly unique. They are bold, irresistible, and endearing. Additionally, a Sagittarius man is passionate and romantic if you’ve ever been in a relationship with him.

Sadly, some Sagittarius men are con artists. Keep reading if you’re dating a Sagittarius man and are unsure of whether he takes the relationship seriously or just wants to have fun.

Your Sagittarius Man Doesn’t Want To Talk About Your Relationship

He’s probably playing you if he avoids discussing your relationship all the time and comes off as uninterested. Set high standards for yourself and refuse to accept anything less.

He Tells You He Doesn’t Want A Serious Relationship

Some Sagittarius men will make it abundantly clear that they only desire light sexual contact. Don’t ignore it because that is the clearest indication you can get that your Sagittarius man is tricking you.

He Wants A Lot Of Alone Time

It’s fine for some people to want to spend time alone. However, if he seems to be requesting alone time all the time, that is a major warning sign. He probably has something hidden.

He Is Cold And Distant

Despite their reputation for being distant, Sagittarius men are surprisingly affable when they’re in a committed relationship. However, if that isn’t the case and they act aloof and cold, it’s a sign they aren’t being serious and are probably just playing you.

He Tries To Convince You That He Loves You

No one, however, wants to be played around, even though everyone wants to hear those three words. Your Sagittarius man probably doesn’t love you if you have a gut feeling that he isn’t being sincere when he professes to. In an effort to gain your cooperation, he makes you believe he is in love with you.

He Starts Acting Possessive And Controlling

Don’t ignore it if he begins acting possessively or tightly controlling; Sagittarius men are prone to doing so. It’s a major red flag rather than a sign that he loves you.

Your Sagittarius Guy Ignores Your Feelings

You shouldn’t let anyone convince you otherwise because every relationship involves two people. The more one-sided your relationship feels and the more your Sagittarius man dismisses your emotions, the more likely it is that he is a phony.

He Keeps Breaking His Promises

how to know if sagittarius man is playing you

A Sagittarius man who breaks his promises is the one you’re dating, right? Do you know that he is a man of his word and will make an effort to keep his promises at all times? But he seems to back out of every commitment he made to you.

If that’s the case, you probably wonder: “Did something change, or why is he acting this way? “He’s trying to trick you, so that’s why. He does not intend to honor his words or keep his promises. If he does, it will only be for a brief time. You might be right there since a Sagittarius man will never break a promise if doing so will benefit him in some way.

Because if he does, it will indicate that he is idly wasting your time when there are so many other things he could be doing in its place. Instead of concentrating on himself (which is what he is doing in this situation), he might even begin to consider what other people are doing.

He’s Always Busy But Finds Time To See Other People

Does your Sagittarius man ever seem uninterested in spending time with you? He seems to be too busy to see you because he is always busy. Nevertheless, he always has to leave when you invite him to hang out with you. Additionally, it frequently involves other people.

Does this sound like your Sagittarius man? The likelihood that he is playing you is high if this is the case. He probably doesn’t want to spend time with you because he doesn’t even give a damn about how you feel. Instead, he prefers to engage in as much field play and interact with as many individuals as he can.

You might mistakenly believe that your Sagittarius man is working hard to support himself if he is constantly busy. You might not mind his busy schedule because it indicates that he is attending to his duties and ensuring the orderliness of his life.

He Never Reciprocates When You Do Something Nice For Him

Your Sagittarius man hasn’t shown you any kindness in a while.

Even worse, he is quick to demand things from you right away after a fight or when he’s upset with you, even though you had already made it clear why it wasn’t an option at the time. You always try to be kind to him or go out of your way to surprise him.

Because they are often playing their partners, Sagittarius men avoid reciprocating when they do nice things. You might not comprehend why they simply don’t feel obligated to reciprocate, but they don’t feel like they have to.

However, the truth is that your Sagittarius man is unwilling to help you because he feels that you should be doing everything for him. He actually anticipates you doing it for him.

He Likes To Keep His Options Open

You are aware that Sagittarius men value freedom and exploration.

Long-term obligations or responsibilities tend to bind people down. Additionally, they like it when they have options available in case they run into someone better or more interesting.

Although being in a relationship with a Sagittarius man might sound a little depressing, the truth is that this is just the way they are. This is something you should be aware of if you want to have a committed relationship with a Sagittarius man.

Otherwise, you risk suffering harm. Because despite how much they might say they love you, they will always have a wandering eye and be on the lookout for other potential partners.

Therefore, if your Sagittarius man is keeping his options open, that is a clear indication that he is not interested in a romantic relationship with you. And that might imply that he’s tricking you as well.

He Disappears For Days Or Weeks At A Time Without An Explanation

Have you ever noticed how your Sagittarius man will abruptly vanish for days or weeks at a time without a reason? He might not have been returning your calls or texts, or he might have been doing both. Or perhaps you have absolutely no idea where he is.

how to know if sagittarius man is playing you

Whatever the circumstance, it’s a huge red flag that your Sagittarius man could be tricking you if he abruptly vanishes for weeks at a time without a reason.

Perhaps he wants to see other women but doesn’t want to tell you. Another possibility is that he simply no longer enjoys being in a relationship with you. It’s best for you to leave him before he leaves you if this is the case.

He Keeps You On The Back Burner And You’re Always His Last Priority

The Sagittarius man has a lot of natural energy but is frequently late, uncaring, and unreliable. He is the kind of guy who enjoys participating in sports. Usually occupied with his friends, he doesn’t have time for you or your relationship.

It’s difficult to stay in touch if you’re always the second string in his life. The biggest issue is that by keeping you on the back burner, he prevents you from ever having the opportunity to share in his innate excitement and enthusiasm.

Because he is never available to talk, if you always communicate with him via text or email, he will put off responding until it’s convenient for him.

He Is Not A Very Good Communicator

The men of Sagittarius can be a little too busy to keep your interest. He might be very social and involved in lots of things, but he might not be able to share them with you. Often his communication methods are:

  • a) difficult to comprehend (And he figures you don’t want to comprehend him).
  • b) To elusive or difficult to obtain (He also acts as though you don’t require him, so he won’t be honest with you.)
  • c) Too abrupt or succinct (and he assumes that if you want to hear from him, you will text him back and try to continue a conversation.))
  • d) Since he can talk in person, he doesn’t see the point in texting. (And he believes that his communication with you is less important than his attention.

He Flirts With Other Women All The Time

If he continues to make advances toward other women in your presence despite your polite requests to stop, consider what he might be up to behind your back.

Along with Gemini and Scorpio men, Sagittarian men are known for being the horoscope’s flirtiest men when it comes to love, but once they develop feelings for a woman, all of that stops.

The main flirting strategy of a Sagittarius man is obvious, so you don’t need a guide to his tricks. He charms women with his hilarious sense of humor.

You See Each Other On His Own Terms

He ignores you when you request date, but he snaps at you when you do the same thing to him. Unfortunately, your Sagittarius man is tricking you if you only see him on his terms.

He’s Constantly Negative

We all have bad days, but if he constantly criticizes you and makes you feel like the problem, it’s time to move on. You should be with someone who is genuinely delighted to be with you, not someone who is unhappy.

He’s Gaslighting You

Most players use gaslighting, a form of manipulation, to achieve their goals. Try to maintain your composure and keep your cool when you feel like he’s driving you crazy. Don’t grant him his request. Decide to leave and seek out someone who will treat you better.

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