How to Pass Time in Class? 22 Tips

how to pass time in class

Find ways to kill time without getting into trouble when you finish your classwork and have some extra time. Here are a few methods for carrying that out.

We’re all in the same class. the course in which participation is optional but attendance is required. The professor goes on and on, summarizing the (surprising) homework you read.

Or, the homework you (even more surprisingly) had no trouble with was the subject of the entire class, which was created to address the problems people were having. Perhaps you don’t have a good excuse, but you find it difficult to concentrate in class.

There are some ways to pass the time more productively in class. Here are some suggestions for responsible ways to pass the time in class.

Before Class

  • Sleep Well: Your ability to focus is inextricably linked to how well you sleep. Get a good night’s sleep to give your brain the resources it needs to focus and function.
  • Read Material: When things make sense, they are more interesting. It’s likely that your teacher or professor will give you reading assignments that are related to the day’s lecture. If you have read the material, you will be able to comprehend it better and may feel more motivated to continue listening.
  • Create Questions In Advance: You can prepare questions in advance of class when you arrive prepared, which will help you be an active participant. It’ll help you pass the time!
  • Prepare Yourself For A Mentally-Draining Class: Try not to have any additional expectations if you already know that this class is boring or draining. You won’t feel let down in this manner. The ideal situation is that the class goes well and you are pleasantly surprised.
how to pass time in class

During Class

  • Sit Up Front: Your location is important, just like in real estate! If you can choose where to sit during an in-person class, sit up front. You might be tempted to choose a seat in the back, but if you sit up front, the teacher will be more accessible to you. This will hold you more responsible for paying attention and prevent you from getting sidetracked by distractions like your phone.
  • If You Are On Your Laptop, Don’t Check Social Media: It’s a rabbit hole that will take you so deep that you won’t remember how you got there. Use a third-party monitoring app, such as KeepMeOut, to lock yourself out of any website you choose for however long you choose if you feel you can’t control yourself.
  • Enjoy A Cold Beverage During Class: People can stay awake by breathing cold air. In the same vein, consuming a cold beverage can aid in arousing your senses and assisting you in maintaining the present moment.
  • Sit With An Enthusiastic Classmate: A student who shows an interest or concern for the class deserves to be seated close by. In this manner, you can hopefully absorb their energy.
  • Take Notes During Class: Recall what we said earlier about participating and being engaged. You can use your notes as a study tool for upcoming exams in addition to helping you better understand the material by taking notes during lectures.
  • Take A Quick Bathroom Break: You can leave the classroom to use the restroom and then return if you feel like the class is dragging or you just need a quick break. Remind yourself during the brief break that you need to return to the classroom (or computer, if you’re taking an online course) with purpose.
  • Bring your iPod along. Listen to your iPod for the remainder of class after completing the assignment for the day. Play your preferred song in your head and sing along. Just watch out for other people’s hearing by not playing the music too loudly.
  • Take out your phone if you’re allowed to. Turn on silent mode, then text some friends. Play some games in the interim. There are some phones that have a drawing tool.
how to pass time in class
  • Initiate a dialogue. Find others who have finished their assignments by looking around, then strike up a conversation with them. Bring up something arbitrary that anyone can discuss if there is nothing to talk about.
  • Another thing to do is open a notebook to a clean page and draw whatever comes to mind. Play tic tac toe or a game of dots with someone nearby. Or have your friends pass each other a note.
  • If neither of those choices works, lay your head down and take a nap. Sleep in, but only after the teacher has finished speaking and your homework has been finished.
  • Write A Fold-Over Story: Paper and a pen are all that is required. Making a funny story that ends up being a little strange is the aim of this activity. Each person will contribute one line to the story, but they won’t be able to read what the others wrote!
  • Draw A Fold-Over Person: The concept of the fold-over story applies to images as well. Drawing a portrait of a person is the method used most frequently for this.
  • Create A New Signature For Yourself: Finished with concepts involving paper folding? Alright, alright. How about some imaginative drawing, then? If I had to wager anything, I’d say that most people created their signature while bored in class. The time is really right to experiment and come up with a signature they like.

After Class

  • Do Your Homework: You’ll probably receive credit for doing your homework when you turn it in. So, if you want to get a good grade in the class, you must complete it. Additionally, completing your homework will improve your comprehension of the material and provide you with greater motivation to pay attention in class.
  • Figure Out The Root Of Your Problem: Why do you think the class is so dull? Is it too difficult or not difficult enough? Is it a major requirement that isn’t being met? Try to identify what about the class is boring you and try to fix the problem.
  • Pinpoint A Topic In The Subject That Interests You: Make an effort to learn something interesting about the topic. Once you become interested in something, you might experience a domino effect and begin to care more about other topics covered in class.
  • Adjust Your Perspective: Recognize that this is only temporary and that it all benefits your future self. Even if the class is dull, you can learn important things about yourself and the subject by going. More good will come your way if you concentrate on the positive aspects rather than the shortcomings.
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