How to Take a Tequila Shot Like a Pro?

How to Take a Tequila Shot Like a Pro?

Having trouble taking a tequila shot like a pro? Here are simple methods for downing a tequila shot.

Tequila is distilled from the fermented sugars of an agave plant and has its origins in Mexico. It is produced since the 16th century and appears as a white and dark spirit. Tequila lovers concur that the best way to enjoy it is as a shot rather than in a cocktail or with mixers. There is a tequila shot for every occasion, including fruity concoctions and spicy recipes.

You can take a tequila shot without looking foolish if you follow these instructions.

How to Take a Tequila Shot?

Just remember: Lick, Sip, Suck. If the bartender is busy and your friend is taking some time, or if you’re a true beginner (we’ve all been there), keep reading and shoot that tequila in style.

Step One: Lick the Salt

Lick the area of your hand where your thumb and index finger meet to prepare the salt (or, if you’re feeling fancy, splash some water on it from your cup). This will act as “adhesive” for the salt, preventing it from just spilling off your hand.

After that, sprinkle salt on your hand. Cheers to friendship, say a silent prayer before the tequila, and lick the salt off your hand. This will lessen the tequila’s upcoming burn.

How to Take a Tequila Shot Like a Pro?

Step Two: Shoot the Tequila

The tequila should now be shot. Throw it back without taking a sip, holding your nose, or trying not to wince. This is a party shot, not a wine tasting. Let out a “whoof!” if you must, but don’t dwell on the theatrics too long because we ain’t done yet.

Step Three: Suck on the Lime

The lime, last but certainly not least. After you’ve downed your tequila shot, pop that lime wedge into your mouth like Steph Curry is chewing on his mouthguard. The citrus juices will instantly soothe the burn from that subpar tequila. Once the lime’s life has been sucked out of it, put it in your shot glass to keep the bar neat and leave a tequila shot champion.

Other Ways to Take a Tequila Shot

Check out the other ways to take a tequila shot:


Going traditional (and not to be confused with “Sangria”), it’s always fun to make a You’ve probably had the spicy tomato shot, but the real shot is much better. The original Sangrita still packs a punch of heat and calls for a post-tequila chaser. Nevertheless, it contains a dash or two of hot sauce and a grenadine base with orange juice.

In contrast to a traditional tequila shot, the Sangrita is intended to enhance the tequila rather than mask its flavor with a peppery flavor. To start, take a shot of tequila, then another shot of each of the remaining spicy ingredients.


  • Patrón Silver tequila: 30 mL
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice: 30 mL
  • Freshly squeezed lime juice: 25 mL
  • Grenadine: 15 mL
  • Hot sauce / Tabasco Sauce: 3 dashes
  • Jalapeño pepper (optional): 1 slice

Lychee Tequila Shot

How to Take a Tequila Shot Like a Pro?

The lychee tequila exquisitely reveals the softer side of tequila shots. The only two ingredients required for this drink are lychee and tequila, and once you start drinking it, it will be very difficult to stop! The danger in this situation lies in the fact that the sweetness is almost excessive and effectively hides the tequila’s flavor. She descends after being mixed 1:1.


  • Patrón Silver tequila: 30 mL
  • Lychee liqueur: 30 mL

Without a doubt, World Tequila Day honors this traditional alcoholic beverage. A mini Tequila Sunrise Shot (scaled down from a regular Tequila Sunrise, but with the tequila itself scaled up!) or a Tequila Slammer (tequila mixed with spicy ginger ale) are two additional ways to enjoy tequila shots.) Don’t forget to say “cheers” or “Salud” in Spanish before you take your shots!

Why Do You Do Tequila Shots With Salt and Lime?

Tequila is frequently combined with salt and lime because they can help to mask the bitter taste of the liquor. The salt also has the additional benefit of reducing the tequila’s intensity as it hits your tongue.

You must first combine salt, lime, and tequila to make a proper shot of tequila. Remove the salt from your hand before taking the shot, consume it quickly, and then expel the lime wedge. Both tourists and partygoers in Mexico favor this technique. Between your thumb and index finger, dab a small amount of moistener onto the back of your hand.

By rubbing it on your hand, you can get salt off of it. Squeeze a wedge of lime or lemon on top before biting into it. It lessens the tequila burn. They can quickly lead to extreme intoxication or even alcohol poisoning if used carelessly.

Tequila consumption can help you lose weight while lowering your cholesterol and blood sugar. Agave tequila, which is 100% natural and healthier than other types of liquor, is the source of tequila. Add salt, savor a lime, and sip tequila to enhance the flavor.

Conclusion: Enjoy Your Tequila Shot

To make a proper shot of tequila (or tequila cruda), you’ll need tequila, lime juice, and salt, all of which need to be thoroughly combined. Keep in mind that expression: LICKING, SUCKING. The first thing you should do is remove the salt from your hand, then drink the shot with haste, and then swallow a lime wedge.


Why Do You Lick Salt before Tequila?

It is a good idea to take salt before drinking tequila to reduce the sensation of burning. Licking the salt will help to mask the sharp taste of the tequila because your saliva will help to wash it away. In addition, you can flavor the beverage by giving the lime a little chew before you swallow it.

Can You Drink Tequila Shots Straight?

Many tequila connoisseurs fervently believe that sipping tequila neat is the only proper way to consume it. If you do this, you can order your tequila chilled, on the rocks (ice), or straight up, but most prefer it chilled. Ordering it with salt and lime is not advised; that is only for shots.

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