How to Tell If a Dragon Fruit is Bad? Tips

Learn how to store dragon fruit as well as the warning signs that the fruit is starting to go bad.

Pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, won’t remain ripe indefinitely. The tropical treat loses its edible quality after several days at room temperature or up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

By examining its skin, you can tell if the dragon fruit is in error. It’s a bad sign if the skin is loose and wrinkled. A further sign that fruit is rotten is when the color of its skin changes to a dark purple or magenta.

In this post, we will tell you whether your dragon fruits have gone bad and the tips to store them properly.

How to Tell If Dragon Fruit Has Gone Bad?

Due to the dark outer layer, it can occasionally be challenging to determine if a dragon fruit has gone bad. However, there are telltale signs that your fruit is beginning to spoil. You will discover the warning signs of bad dragon fruit in this section.

Color Changes

One of the most reliable ways to tell if a fruit has gone bad is by looking at its color with dragon fruit. When the dragon fruit starts rotting, the inner color changes and becomes a darker shade of brown.

To determine whether the discoloration has permeated the fruit, you should cut the fruit open. The dragon fruit won’t be safe to eat even if there are a few blemishes of this darker shade. There is nothing to worry about as long as the outer layer does not have any blotches or a dark brown hue.

Check the color of the flesh before adding dragon fruit to a recipe. If you’re incorporating dragon fruit into a recipe, rotten fruit can alter the flavor of your food.

Look at the Dragon Fruit’s Leaves

The way your dragon fruit’s leaves look is another sign that it has gone bad. The leaves of ripe dragon fruit will be vibrant green and perky. But a dragon fruit that is over-ripe or rotten will have leaves that are either dry or withered.

Cutting the fruit open is the most effective way to determine if it is still safe to eat. The flesh within the leaves occasionally wilts but is still edible.

The Softness of the Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruits that are over-ripe or rotten will be mushy and may ooze juice. But it will be the appropriate softness when it is just ripe. Check the ripeness of your dragon fruit by gently pressing it. Fruits are rotten on the inside of the skin breaks because they are too soft.

However, the fruit is just right to eat if it is slightly soft but still has some firmness to it. It would be best to avoid letting the fruit become overripe or rotten since you might only have a few days to enjoy it.

Texture and Taste Blandness

Occasionally, a dragon fruit’s color may still appear vibrant, but the internal flesh may be rotting. The dragon fruit has a different texture now, as you’ll see. Perhaps it’s more glassy or mushy. Additionally, you’ll notice that the taste isn’t as fruity. The dragon fruit will be tasteless and unappealing.

At this point, eating dragon fruit won’t make you ill, but it won’t be enjoyable. We advise you to give the dragon fruit to the birds outside rather than eating it yourself. Dragon fruit can be cut into cubes, put on a plate, and left outside for the birds to eat.

Afterward, get some ripe dragon fruits from the store so you can have your snack. Keep your fresh supply of dragon fruits in the fridge to keep them from going bad.

What Happens If You Eat a Bad Dragon Fruit?

Eating spoiled food is never a good idea because you’ll almost certainly experience stomach pain. Eating spoiled food can be risky for some foods but not for others. So what happens if you eat a pitaya that has gone bad?

If you eat a bad dragon fruit, nothing will typically happen. You might become ill if you consume particularly rotten or moldy dragon fruit, which could result in symptoms of food poisoning like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other sicknesses.

You won’t need to worry too much if you don’t want to eat rotten fruit. You won’t be in a position to accidentally eat a severely rotten dragon fruit because trust me, you will notice it.

You might experience mild stomach pains after consuming slightly overripe dragon fruit, but nothing harmful to your health. Reread the instructions on how to determine whether a dragon fruit is ripe and healthy above, and you should be fine.

How to Store Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit can be stored easily. After being chopped, remove the fruit from its skin and put it in a covered container. You can then use it for a longer period of time. The fruit may, however, lose its flavor and quality if it is kept in the refrigerator for a long time.

To appreciate the taste and freshness of fruit, buy it and eat it quickly. These tips will help you store it properly and keep it from going bad.

In the Pantry

If you only need a tiny bit of dragon fruit and know you’ll eat it within one to two days, store it in the pantry. Keep it cool and dry to prevent spoilage. Its freshness quickly deteriorates in this humid environment. Therefore, be sure to follow all necessary precautions if you want to enjoy fresh dragon fruit.

Away from Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight is one of the most frequent causes of rotting fruit. Keep it away from direct sunlight to extend its life and preserve its freshness. So keep it away from direct sunlight.

In the Refrigerator

It should be cut into cubes and kept in the refrigerator. However, the quality degrades when it is frozen. It will become less flavorful and fresh. If you store it in the refrigerator, it won’t ripen and will remain fresh there for about two weeks.

The shelf life of cut-up dragon fruit is only a few days. Lemon juice should be drizzled over chopped dragon fruit before storing it to keep it fresh. The refrigerator can then be used to store the dragon fruit.

Due to the fact that it can absorb the flavors and smells of other fruits, frozen dragon fruit should be stored in a sealed packet. Keep it separate from other fruits in order to enjoy its flavor.

Can You Freeze Dragon Fruit?

The majority of foods can be frozen, but after defrosting, some things, like cucumbers, won’t be edible. Given that dragon fruits are so expensive, you don’t want to take any chances of trying them out. Therefore, can you freeze dragon fruits or will doing so damage them?

Generally, freezing dragon fruit will keep it from going bad. Only freeze dragon fruit if you intend to blend it into smoothies, add it to a salad, or consume it cold because the flavor and texture won’t be the same after defrosting.

Freezing is the best method for storing dragon fruit over an extended period of time. However, the procedures aren’t so straightforward that you could just chop up some dragon fruits and throw them in a bag or freeze them whole. Let’s take a quick look at how to freeze pitayas, meaning dragon fruits properly:

  • Process the Dragon Fruit: Cut the dragon fruit into pieces before you do anything else. Pitayas shouldn’t be frozen whole because doing so will drastically reduce their quality. Additionally, wash the dragon fruit before cutting it into slices or cubes to prevent contamination.
  • Lay the Dragon Fruit Prices on a Tray: When the pieces of dragon fruit are prepared, spread parchment paper on a tray and arrange them so that they don’t touch. You won’t be able to conveniently take the desired amount of fruit if you skip this step because the pieces will combine in the freezer.
  • Freeze the Dragon Fruit Pieces: Now, put the tray in the freezer and leave it there for an entire night to get them completely frozen. Watch them if you’re in a rush because they might be ready after three hours of freezing.
  • Transfer the Frozen Dragon Fruit Prices to a Bag: When the dragon fruit pieces are completely frozen, you can move them to a freezer bag, plastic container, or another freezer-safe container.

How Long Does Dragon Fruit Last?

The dragon fruit can last for a few days without being chopped and may even last for two weeks. It will last 2 to 3 days at room temperature. If all safety precautions are taken, it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a year.

In unfavorable circumstances and unsuitable weather, it can go wrong. On other days, the dampness and humidity can make it worse. If kept chilled, cut dragon fruit can last for one to two hours; if kept in a superior environment, it will last even longer.

It takes three weeks for dragon fruit to go bad after being refrigerated. It can only be used for cooking and can be frozen for up to a year. The fruit’s flesh can also be kept in storage.

Conclusion: Properly Store Dragon Fruits

If the dragon fruit is spoiled, the interior flesh will turn from bright to dark brown. Along with that, the dragon fruit’s texture degrades as well, making it less firm than fresh dragon fruit. You can use any or all of these indicators to determine whether it is safe to use dragon fruit in your recipes.

When purchasing one, look for a dragon fruit with bright, uniformly colored skin. If there are too many brown spots on it or if the stem is dried out and shriveled, it is overripe. Allow the fruit to ripen for a few days or until the flesh starts to soften.

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