How To Wash Dress Pants: A Complete Guide

washing dress pants

Are you unsure if you can wash dress pants? Or how to wash a pair of dress pants? We’ve got you covered.

Dress pants are a surefire way to give your ensemble a dash of sophistication. Dress pants can help you feel more confident whether you’re going on a date, to work, or just getting some fresh air. It’s time to start washing your dress pants.

Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry. By reading this article, you will discover how to wash dress pants.

Wash Dress Pants By Using A Washing Machine

Follow these instructions to make sure the washed wool pants get a thorough cleaning.

Understand Your Laundry Labels

Check the symbols on the label inside the pants before searching for “how to wash wool pants.”

To make sure you wash, bleach, dry, and iron your clothes correctly, the label will include instructions on how to do so. There is a circle there, which is the dry cleaning symbol.

It will either be empty (needs dry cleaning) or marked with an “F” and “P” to indicate which solvent to use. It says “do not dry clean” if there is a circle with an “x” in it.

Determine The Fabric

Keep in mind that delicate synthetic materials like suede, leather, velvet, and silk should be dry cleaned rather than cleaned with soap and water. Wool, nylon, cotton, and linen can all be hand-washed gently or in the “delicates” cycle of a washing machine.

Making a spot test is another method of determining whether it needs to be dry-cleaned. Your dress pants’ interior should be cleaned with a small amount of water. After that, use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of laundry detergent to the fabric.

how to wash dress pant

Testing for colorfastness and resistance to fading and running. Your cotton swab needs to be dry cleaned if the area bleeds and is no longer is white.

Wash In Cold Water

To avoid fading and to protect your buttons, turn your pants inside out before washing them. Additionally, empty your pockets of any tissue, paper, or other items as they may leave stains and harm your pants.

If your laundry is mixed, put your pants in a mesh laundry bag because they help safeguard delicate fabrics. After that, wash them in a washing machine.

Use a mild laundry detergent and the gentlest cycle possible with cold water on the washing machine. When the cycle is over, you’re all set!

Wash Dress Pants By Hand

When the fabrics are too delicate and you’re unsure how to wash suit pants, wash them by hand.

Fill Up The Sink

However, your pants will still be appropriate for work and it won’t take as long as using a machine. If you have multiple pairs, use the bathtub or fill up your sink with cold water. Dark clothing needs to be washed separately from light clothing, so make sure you’re not mixing fabrics or colors.

Add Laundry Detergent

Pour mild detergent next, causing the water to foam. The mixture will soak into your pants if you submerge them in the water and press them. Gently scrub with your fingers, paying special attention to any soiled or stained areas.

Once the soapy water has been drained, add fresh, cold water to the sink or tub. Dip your pants in the water repeatedly until all of the detergents have been removed. To get rid of the suds, you can also run water while swishing your pants back and forth.

washing dress pants

How To Deal With Stains On Your Dress Pants?

There might be a lunchtime ketchup stain on your otherwise clean pants.

Soak the mark in water that is at room temperature to get rid of it. Salt should then be applied to the stain and left to soak for 15 minutes. After rinsing the salt away, use the inside of your pants to apply a gentle detergent.

Keep in mind that you can use lemon or vinegar on cotton if you don’t want to use cleaning products. You’ll need to purchase a special wool detergent if your dress pants are made of wool.

After using the cleaner, cover the stain with a paper towel and let it sit for an hour. Now your stain ought to be gone.

How To Dry Your Dress Pants?

Avoid using the dryer to dry your dress pants. Instead, spread a dry, fluffy towel out over the wet pants, then roll it up. To remove any remaining water from the pants, squeeze the towel that has been rolled up. Repeat the procedure by unrolling the towel and moving it to a dryer area. To completely remove the water from your pants, it might take five attempts.

Air Dry

Lay out your dress pants so they can air dry on a spotless, flat surface. Wait until they are completely dry before touching or picking them up.


You can iron your pants after they’ve been towel-dried.

For flat pockets, turn the pants inside out and iron them first. To avoid damaging the delicate fabric, use the steam setting instead of applying too much heat. Pay special attention to the crease, inseams, and cuffs.

How to Protect and Take Care of Your Suit After Cleaning?

Now that you understand the fundamentals of suit care, let’s move on. How should your suit be maintained, though, in between uses?

The suit can be kept in excellent condition until you are ready to wear it again by following a few easy steps.

washing dress pants

Get High-Quality Suit Hangers

Wire hangers are best avoided, as you will know if you’ve ever seen Mommy Dearest. But why all the commotion? The suit jacket won’t hold its shape very well with a wire because it isn’t strong enough to do so.

To try to restore the suit’s shape if it loses it, you have a challenging task ahead of you. It might not even be possible to recover. Purchase some sturdy wood hangers instead. Your suit jacket’s natural composition is preserved thanks to the durability of the wood.

With rounded edges, the wood should be broad across. By doing so, your suit jacket will maintain its proper shape and mimic your shoulders. Keep an extra wooden hanger at the office if you frequently remove your suit jacket while working.

Your suit jacket slung over the back of your chair will have the same negative effects on the shape as a wire hanger. Because of this, wooden hangers are essential for maintaining the suit jacket’s good condition.

Pack Your Suit If Needed

You are aware that it is improper to roll up your suit jacket and pack it in a suitcase, right? When traveling, there are much better and safer ways to transport your suit.

Use suit covers whenever possible, but especially when traveling. A reliable garment bag is a great addition to your wardrobe. Never ever use a plastic bag to protect your suit; always use a cloth one.

Plastic retains moisture, which could make your suit smell musty. Contrarily, the fabric keeps dust and moths away from your suit while allowing air to circulate through it. It also works wonders to stop wrinkles from forming.

If God forbid, you must pack your suit in a suitcase, make sure you know how to do it gently and correctly. And don’t forget to bring your steamer because your suit jacket will be wrinkled after the trip.

How To Hang Dress Pants?

The first two belt loops should be gathered together. Pull the back up while holding that with two fingers. You should now have a pair of pants with the legs down that are neatly folded.

After that, drape it at the knee by slipping the hanger’s legs through the opening. Now your pants are neatly folded and clean.

washing dress pants

What Are Dress Pants?

Dress pants come in a variety of materials, including wool, polyester, linen, and blends, and they cover the majority of the lower half of the body.

Dress pants don’t need to be washed after each use. You don’t need to wash them every two to three washes unless you get a stain or dirt on them.

Do Dress Pants Shrink?

When fabrics are washed and dried at high temperatures, most of them shrink. Even though dress pants are typically made of high-quality materials, they will shrink despite appearing to not.

Dress pants should always be washed and dried at the lowest temperature possible. The “delicate” setting on your machine is the one you ought to use.

Conclusion: Are Washing Dress Pants More Difficult?

“Can dress pants be washed?” is a common question, and for good reason.” more often than something a little more obvious like “can you wash underwear?”—although whether you can wash sneakers is something people are often surprised by!

The cause of this is that dress pants frequently consist of materials like wool or cashmere, making them slightly more difficult to maintain than most articles of clothing.

While many pairs of dress pants will require dry cleaning, some can be washed at home. You’ll be washing dress pants like a pro once you master the procedure! Don’t forget to share this post if it helps you.


How Often Should You Dry Clean Dress Pants?

You decide on this one. Dress pants can often be kept looking presentable by using an iron or steamer. Before events or whenever you feel they need to be cleaned, dry clean your pants.

But you don’t necessarily need to wash them if they’re clean and still have a crisp appearance.

Should You Wash Dress Pants Inside Out?

Helps prevent color fading. When you wash your clothing inside out, the inside of the item is spared from agitation and color fading that takes place during a wash cycle. This keeps friction and contact to a minimum while still ensuring a thorough wash, protecting the outside dye of your shirt or pants.

Can You Wash Dress Pants That Say Dry Clean Only?

If the label says “dry clean only,” don’t put it into your washing machine. The best course of action is to take the item to a professional cleaner because washing dry-clean-only clothing can damage the item.

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