12 Steps To Start Over In A Broken Relationship

what can damage a relationship

Worried about how to start over your relationship with the one you love? This article will help you out in 12 steps.

Your relationship has come to the point where neither of you is happy with it anymore. However, you still care about and love each other, so you don’t want the relationship to end. Instead, you want to rebuild your relationship from scratch and make things better this time. How do you do it?

If you want to start over with someone you love, you must use certain skills and strategies. 12 steps are provided for you in this article.

What Does It Mean to Start over in a Relationship?

One phrase that people frequently use in relationships is “starting over.” When people discuss it, varying emotions are evoked. On the one hand, there is a group of people who think that discussing starting over is improper and should never happen.

Others, on the other hand, believe that anyone can try it if the conditions are right. In any case, rekindling a relationship with an ex after a breakup or separation means getting back together. It also suggests reestablishing contact with an ex-spouse after a difficult period in your marriage.

Although you might want to turn your nose up at the thought of getting back in touch with an ex, you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t exactly a novel concept. A broken relationship can eventually be rekindled by about 40–50% of people, according to research.

So, if you’ve been considering getting in touch with an ex and reigniting the flame (and you are certain that doing so is the right move for you), you might want to try it.

Steps To Start Over In A Broken Relationship

Here are twelve steps for you to start over in a broken relationship:

Identify What You Value About The Relationship

what can damage a relationship

It’s tempting to concentrate on the challenging and unattractive aspects of our partners and our relationship when we’re hurt. Couples that persevere in trying times, however, are able to articulate why they want to stay together and what they value most about their partner.

You may gain clarity after taking this step. If your only motivation for remaining together is that you detest the thought of having to part ways, that might not be enough to see you through.

Clarifying the aspects of your relationship that have been successful will help you build on them and maintain the drive to carry out the necessary repair work.

Understand What Went Wrong

Consider the positive aspects of your relationship afterward, then try to identify the areas that needed improvement. Consider the causes of the misunderstandings. Either you stopped spending time together or you started quarreling more frequently over insignificant issues.

Whatever the situation, speaking with a marriage counselor will enable you and your partner to comprehend the underlying reasons behind the errors you both made. It will also assist in resolving many misunderstandings and resentments you harbored without engaging in physical conflict.

Get Support For The Relationship

If it was simple to simply hit the reset button and move past the pain, you would do it. The truth is that your friends and family may support you, but they may find it difficult to support the relationship if they have heard you complain about your partner on a regular basis.

Additionally, if you and your partner are trying to be the only support for one another, you might find that you have a pattern of having difficult conversations over and over again about your past wrongs and current emotions.

what can damage a relationship

The benefits of therapy include having an objective, knowledgeable support person available to you and your partner, as well as the crucial opportunity to spend time together outside of therapy on having fun once more.

Acknowledge The Changes

You gradually change as a result of your life experiences. When you first started dating, you might have been impulsive and straightforward, but your experiences molded who you become.

Thus, as time passes, your perspective on both love and life changes. Understanding the nuances of starting over will be made easier for you if you acknowledge that you and your partner were different the first time around. Take advantage of one another’s maturity and change for the better. Get to know one another once more.

Freshen Up Your Relationship

By making new plans or going somewhere together, you can revitalize your relationship as you start over. Consider it your honeymoon period and make an effort to reignite the romance that has faded over time. It can be as simple as taking the weekend off to go out to eat or have a picnic.

Try to include new activities in your life on a weekly or at the very least monthly basis. Your relationship with your partner will improve dramatically as a result of its assistance.

Let Go Of Any Hard Feelings

The hardest thing to do when you want to rebuild a relationship is to let go of your rage and resentment. Both you and your partner will experience problems as a result. Let go of all your negative emotions. Only then will you be able to maintain a healthy relationship.

Take Steps To Make Sure The Behavior That Hurt You Won’t Repeat

what can damage a relationship

Being nave in this step is not necessary. In this step, you and your partner should determine what needs to change in order to persuade you that the past patterns won’t recur.

When a couple heals their relationship wounds, they can point to the things each of them did to solve the issues and make the necessary adjustments. They have a strategy to deal with potential issues before they become major ones. According to conventional wisdom, we cannot forgive wounds that continue to afflict us.

If you’re stuck in your old habits, it’s difficult to change. To change, both parties must be open to it.

Make A Choice To Start Again

Beginning again with a partner entails making a firm decision to do so, putting the past to rest, taking the chance of trusting them once more, and growing closer to them because you value the effort you have both put forth to maintain the relationship and recognize the risk.

Will you ever have the starry-eyed “nothing will ever come between us” love again? No. Will you maintain your previous bond with each other? No.

Couples who give their relationship a second chance, however, learn to appreciate how deep it is right now. By deciding to allow it to mend, you ultimately mend your own broken heart.

Make Clear Promises To Yourself

One of the worries people have is that they might never again stand up for themselves if they forgive their partner this time. The main concern isn’t that their partner will exploit them; rather, it’s that they will lose confidence in their ability to set and uphold boundaries.

what can damage a relationship

It’s crucial to give yourself space in this step to reevaluate your own limitations. Perhaps the mistakes you made when you were 20 are forgiven after all. This does not imply that you have given up your right to set healthy boundaries in your relationships.

You must have this discussion with yourself. The first step is to accept that you are a vulnerable person who can be hurt, and the second is to trust yourself despite this.

Rebalance The Power

Couples who make new beginnings for themselves have emerged from the accusing, chastising, and reactive dynamics. They understand that in order for either party to advance, neither can remain trapped in the victim or villain roles.

Being the long-suffering martyr or making amends is a pattern that cannot be sustained because it hurts both parties.

Don’t Ignore The Red Flags

Don’t ignore the warning signs even though you are making your best effort to ignore them, even though you have made the important decision to restart this relationship. You should reconsider your choice if you ignore things like lying or giving reasons to avoid you.

Do you really only want to apologize now? Consider leaving the relationship permanently if your partner has resumed their bad relationship-affecting routine and habits.

Focus On Each Other

Communication and friendship issues cause many relationships to suffer. To decide what you want to do, you might need to take some time off. If you and your partner decide to reconcile, make an effort to put the past behind you.

what can damage a relationship

Recognize what went wrong, then take note of your mistakes. Create a new beginning and in various ways get closer to one another. Prioritize your friendship and each other. The likelihood is that this time, you’ll have a truly wonderful relationship.

Can a Relationship Work After a Break?

If you’ve taken a break from your relationship and are considering getting back together, you might be wondering if it’s even possible given everything that has transpired.

Reconciliation after a breakup isn’t always possible, of course. Sometimes, maintaining the relationship is simply unhealthy; you may be struggling with codependency or people-pleasing tendencies that put you in a disadvantageous position in the marriage.

Nevertheless, if both parties cooperate to resolve their problems in a healthy way, many relationships can be saved. For example, problems like a lack of intimacy or poor communication between partners can be fixed with the proper approach and a lot of patience.

How Long After a Breakup Should You Wait to Get Back Together?

It can take time and effort to resolve relationship problems. Although there are no set guidelines for when it is appropriate to get back together with your ex, if you feel like the issue hasn’t been resolved, you shouldn’t rush.

Make sure you and your partner have a clear understanding of what you both want from the relationship before attempting to make things work once more.

How Do You Regain Trust After a Breakup?

Start Over In A Broken Relationship

You must be willing to put some effort into your decision to give your partner another chance. Here’s how to how to build trust back in a relationship after breaking up:

  • Learn how to trust yourself before you learn how to trust your partner. When your partner has cheated, you must learn when to believe your gut. Of course, you shouldn’t assume that your partner is cheating once more every time you have a disagreement.
  • Try to keep a positive outlook. Even though emotional betrayals are challenging and painful, there isn’t always a bad outcome. Instead of constantly dwelling on the past problems in the relationship, try focusing on the good aspects of it.
  • Don’t look back too much. You might lower the likelihood that your relationship will mend if you keep thinking about the specifics of the betrayal every day. Try putting your attention on the future and how you and your partner can make your relationship work moving forward.

Why Do You Think The Relationship Is Important?

The desire to start over is a definite indication that you value your ex, their presence in your life, and the relationship you had with them, which is a continuation of the last point we made in the previous section of this article.

Before you re-engage with an ex, however, taking some time to express your feelings will give you some perspective.

Can you honestly write down what it is about that ex that you value so much? What about the relationship makes it worthwhile to get back in touch with a former partner?

Is there a specific quality about them that you can cite as the reason you are willing to restart your relationship with them?

Carrying out this exercise is crucial because, by the end of this quick exercise, you would be able to determine for sure if you should get in touch with an ex and try to patch things up or if your best option is to start over with someone new.

Conclusion: Start over in a Broken Relationship

Do not jump to conclusions because you should first consider whether the trust can be restored. She needs to know you are open and honest with her, and you need to make sure she respects you in return. You may be able to rebuild your relationship if that occurs.

Inquiring with experts may be the best course of action if you’re trying to figure out if there’s a way to mend a broken relationship but aren’t able to come up with a satisfactory response.

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